Coll Sands

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Season: spring

The beach at Coll (Traigh Chuil), generally known as Coll Sands, is located on the east side of Lewis, between Tolsta and Stornoway. It’s a relatively long beach and on a clear day, you can look across to the mountains on the Scottish mainland.  As a touring base, this is ideal, handy for the various attractions on the island and situated on the sheltered eastern side of Lewis.  At low tide, the wide, flat, east-facing beach is a great place to walk in the early morning, as the sun comes up.

Spring visit photo gallery


The pull of the beach at Coll for Alice.


Looking across the beach at low tide.


The view from the water’s edge.

One thought on “Coll Sands

  1. Linda

    This beach means peace, tranquillity, a chance to breathe fresh island air and to just ‘be’.  We can take a walk along the sands at Coll and feel all stresses wash away with the waves .. oh, or blown away sometimes in the wind! It means that the island we love has pulled me back to revive and refresh .. until next time.


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