Durdle Door

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Season: spring

This outstanding location was looking spectacular for the spring season visit.  A bright morning, with azure blue sky and sea, framed the limestone rock of Durdle Door itself and the sea lapped against a bleached white beach.  The high vantage point afforded by the approach from the cliffs above allowed a view of the recent dramatic landslide between here and Lulworth Cove, which you can see in the scene setting film.  Interviewee Gabriel’s opening remark sums up this beach and this location perfectly.

Spring visit photo gallery


What Durdle Door means to Gabriel.


Man o’ War Bay and Durdle Door, as seen from the high ground between them.

Season: autumn

The sweeping beach at Durdle Door was once three coves.  Despite a lack of facilities, over two hundred thousand walkers use the path between here and Lulworth Cove each year, making it one of the busiest stretches on the entire South West Coast Path.  Durdle Door is one of the most photographed landmarks along the Jurassic Coast. This rock arch in the sea was formed as the softer rocks were eroded away behind the hard limestone, allowing the sea to punch through them.  Eventually the arch will collapse to leave a sea stack.

Autumn visit photo gallery


Des’ view of the beach as a stress reliever.


By the water at Durdle Door in West Lulworth on a bright day.

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  1. Ri

    The beach means time spent outdoors, surrounded by nature, leaves you relaxed and energised. The waves, the wildlife, the endless horizon and the very air itself stimulates all the senses.


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