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Season: autumn

Bright sunshine and a stiff breeze greeted me for this re-visit, the beaches still attracting plenty of visitors to both Inner and Outer Hope.  This is an affluent part of the South Hams and the restaurants and hotel were doing a brisk trade.  This section of the South West Coast Path is highly recommended.  There are views across to Burgh Island and Bigbury-on-Sea from Outer Hope beach and the cliffs give a fine perspective to both beaches.  Highly recommended.

Autumn visit photo gallery


The appeal of the beach to Pamela and Steven.



The view from Outer Hope beach.

Season: winter

Hope Cove, comprising Inner and Outer Hope, (wrongly identified in the interview and scene setting film, below), nestles beneath dramatic cliffs and among sharp eroded rocks, just offshore.  An exceptionally scenic part of the South West Coast Path passes above the beach and there are plenty of facilities, immediately behind the cove.  The coast here is part of a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and both peregrine falcons and kestrels can be found just inland, among the greenery.  Protected by the National Trust, there is also a rich maritime history, featuring the wreck of a Spanish galleon in Tudor times and the loss of 708 souls on HMS Ramillie in 1760.  This is also a notable smuggling area, with fishermen collecting barrels of brandy from the seabed in far flung days.

Winter visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Stephen, despite here mixing up Inner and Outer Hope.


The view from the cliffs above Hope Cove.


On the breakwater by the beaches at Hope Cove, with myself also mixing up Inner and Outer Hope.  See Sarah’s comment, below.


3 thoughts on “Hope Cove

  1. Sarah

    Hi just checked out the hope cove video clips, both the artist and your voice over have made error with location of inner and outer hope. When you have your back to the sea and face inland Outer hope is located on the left side of the village and inner hope in on the right. The old lifeboat station is in inner hope.
    Looking forward to seeing some spring summer photos of hope cove.

  2. John

    Hope Cove is one of my favourite places on earth. 10 years ago I didn’t even know it existed, only camping nearby with friends purely by chance. That was Easter 2007. Now we own a beautiful house within walking distance of Hope Cove. Ever since they were born, our children have spent many holidays and weekends there, digging, rock pooling, dam building and exploring . It never fails to capture their imagination.

    So for me, Hope Cove is a special place where I have spent the most amazing times with my family and friends just having outdoor fun. No mobile reception to interfere. A great pub to retreat to afterwards along with a lovely bistro next door. And as if all that wasn’t enough the Post Office next to the beach does the most amazing pasties and sausage rolls.

    A special place at any time of year.


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