Monthly Archives: June 2013

Falmouth Harbour

Season: autumn Between 1689 and the middle of the 19th Century, all international mail sent to and from Britain passed through this small inner harbour at Falmouth, before the age of steam took the trade away.  Outbound mail came from London, first by horse and then by mail coach.  It was then transported on packet ships, […]

Salthouse beach

Season: summer A storm surge had covered the car park with some of the shingle beach, a striking change since my last visit.  This was a tranquil day though, as visitors and fishermen enjoyed the sunshine next to the sea.  This beach draws your eye back to the salt marsh and the pretty village beyond. […]

Cromer beach

Season: autumn Cromer was popularised in Victorian times.  It’s a combination of the old and the new.  The historic seafront has Bed and Breakfasts that date back to the late 1800’s.  Landscaped cliff gardens, which bloom with colour during the summer months, overlook vast stretches of unspoilt, sandy beach.  A small funfair near the town is […]


Season: summer An art exhibition was taking place, including a few installations on the beach itself.  Keen birdwatchers thronged the top of the shingle beach and a redshank was perched on a post top on the approach road.  There’s a great walk northwards from here along to Blakeney to see the seals.  Behind the beach, […]

Burnham Deepdale

Season: summer Excellent visibility was the order of the day at Burnham Deepdale for this summer visit.  Walking along the sea wall towards Scolt Head Island, I saw a couple of egrets and a redshank.  The sounds of nature resonated and there was a clear view across the salt marsh towards the sea.  This is […]

Hove beach

Season: spring It’s always a pleasure to stroll along Hove’s wide promenade, which is next to the beach and which is backed by attractive beach huts and fine architecture.  This affluent annex to Brighton has drawn well-heeled visitors to the coast for many years, from the Victorian heyday of large hotels to the fashionable bistros […]

Littlehampton beach

Season: spring Littlehampton has two beaches, East Beach, also known as Coastguard Station and West Beach. They are split by the River Arun, a bustling marina and harbour and the town has fine architecture.  This was an opportunity to visit the pristine beauty of West Beach. There is a pleasing arc to the beach here […]