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Season: winter

The low tide for this winter re-visit coincided with cold, clear skies, that reflected light from the myriad razor clam shells that were scattered on the beach.  The azure blue skies provided a counterpoint to the rich, recently washed sand on this expansive, flat beach.  The sense of scale and perspective here can be mesmerising and uplifting at the same time.  Don’t wander too close to the sea as the tide turns back in, since it returns swiftly to the high water mark.

Winter visit photo gallery

Brancaster Interview 4


An adventurous association with the beach.

Brancaster 3


A bright winter day at Brancaster.

Season: summer

The tide was out for this summer re-visit, leaving an awesome expanse of sand to contemplate in the morning light.  A clean, breezy outlook was capped by a mountainous blue sky, creating an overpowering effect on visitors.  This beach is elemental.  As the razor clam shells crunch underfoot, there’s space for contemplation, creativity, re-balancing or just fun, whichever sense guides you.  Highly recommended.

Summer visit photo gallery

Brancaster Interview 3


Trevor alludes to ancient senses.

Brancaster 2


A wide, expansive beach at Brancaster.

Season: winter

Brancaster has a stunning beach, stretching for miles in front of the golf course and sand dunes.  At low tide, you can see the wreck of the S S Vina.  The soft sand is ideal for making sand castles, but there are kite surfers here too, on windy days.  This is a well-to-do area and there are excellent shops, restaurants and boat trips, that run from Brancaster Staithe. Wildlife, particularly resident and migratory birds, features strongly along this stretch of coastline, including Marsh Harriers, avocets, oyster catchers and terns.  Brancaster is also known for its mussels, in season when there is an ‘R’ in the month.

Winter visit photo gallery

Brancaster Interview 1


With Norma, on the beach at Brancaster.

Brancaster Interview 2 rc


A bright, chilly start to the day for Margaret and her dogs.

Brancaster 1


A crisp winter scene at Brancaster beach.

Season: summer

Bright blue sky and sunshine were the order of the day, as seems to happen each time I visit Brancaster beach.  The tide was rising quickly over this expansive, flat beach and the fine weather apparently followed an unsettled spell, so the beach was inhabited by returning locals and visitors, many paddling in the warm spring water at the sea’s edge.

Summer visit photo gallery

Brancaster Interview 5


What the beach means to Tiphaine.

Brancaster Interview 6


…et en francais.

Brancaster 4


Bright sunshine at Brancaster beach.

One thought on “Brancaster beach

  1. Suzy - Brancaster Staithe

    Brancaster Beach is one of the most wonderful beaches in Norfolk, whatever time of year.
    Come rain, wind, snow or sunshine this wide open space, is a great space to have a winter walk, a summer family holiday, a great place to walk the dog, chill and unwind from the stresses of everyday life.
    Spectacular sunsets, picnics in the sand dunes, kite flying, a family fun game of rounders and a dip in the sea. This special beach brings families back to our holiday cottage year after year! Suzy


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